Vegan Companies You Can Invest In

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June 22, 2023
Vegan Companies You Can Invest In

We all know that buying plant-based products from vegan companies is a form of activism, but did you know investing in vegan stocks can also be a form of activism? Through value-based investing, you can invest in vegan and sustainable companies that will further their mission through your funding. There are endless investing choices available and not everyone has the time to sift through them all to find meaningful investment opportunities. At Vegan Grit, we are here to save you from hours of research. Keep reading to discover the future of vegan investments and the best vegan companies you can invest in without ever having to sacrifice your values.

The Future of Vegan Companies As Investments 


The future for vegan companies is bright. According to the market research website Euromonitor, alternative meat sales were $19.5 billion in 2019. Those numbers will only grow each year as more people are becoming increasingly conscious about animal welfare, environmental collapse, and health risks related to eating meat. 

Vegan companies are no longer niche. According to Nestlé, 87% of all Americans are adding plant-based protein to their diets. Two-thirds of Americans eat plant-based protein multiple times a week. Global management consulting firm AT Kearney predicts that in 2040, vegan meat replacements will hold 25% of the market, with conventional meat dropping to 40%.  

Many non-vegans, such as flexitarians and reducetarians, are looking to reduce their total meat intake. Meat is filled with hormones, antibiotics, and contaminants that are detrimental to our health. Thanks to advancements in the vegan food industry, we can enjoy delicious and protein-packed meal replacements without damaging our health. There are countless plant-based alternatives to satisfy meaty cravings for vegans and omnivores alike, such as apple maple sausages, smokey temp bacon, soy chorizo, and buffalo wings. 

People now want brands to have a positive social and environmental impact through plant-based protein solutions. Large meat-based companies, such as Tyson, have launched vegan products to meet growing market demand. This pressure from consumers is having a ripple effect; fast-food restaurants have added plant-based proteins to their menus, such as Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and Dunkin’s Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. Even McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski stated that vegan options are on their way.   

Veganism is also a more sustainable way to feed the world. By 2050, it is estimated that the population will grow to 10 billion. Producing vegan food requires less land, water, and electricity than meat and dairy while creating fewer carbon emissions. With a population of 10 billion, the strain that the meat and dairy industry has on natural resources will not be sustainable.  

Beyond Meat 

One of the best vegan companies to invest in is Beyond Meat. Famed for their Beyond Burger, Beyond Meat is the first plant-based meat company to go public. Beyond Meat captured every trader’s attention when they ended their first day of trading at 163% above its IPO price. They had the best performing first day IPO in almost two decades! 

Beyond Meat’s star product is the Beyond Burger, which is hailed as the “world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef, without GMOs, soy, or gluten.” Not only does the Beyond Burger live up to its hype, but it is also better for the environment. Compared to a ¼ pound beef burger, the Beyond Burger uses 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less energy, and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases.  

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has proudly invested in Beyond Meat. DiCaprio explained that “Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate.” Thanks to Beyond Meat’s success, they have expanded their offerings to additional plant-based meats like beef, sausage, and crumbles, which are available in an increasing number of grocery stores and restaurants.  

Impossible Foods  


When it comes to the best vegan companies to invest in, Impossible Foods is another top contender. Their financial success enabled them to launch the Impossible Burger 2.0 recipe in 2019 and develop other tantalizing plant-based meats that taste just like the real thing. 

Impossible Foods works to make food that is better for people and the planet. Their burgers and newly develop pork alternatives are packed with protein and nutrients. Compared to a burger made from cows, an Impossible Burger saves 96% more land, 87% more water, and emits 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2018, Impossible Foods received the United Nations Environment Planetary Health Champion of the Earth Award. In 2019, they joined the UN Global Compact and pledged to adhere to corporate sustainability. However, Impossible Foods is not complacent with their current success. They are on a mission towards making a more sustainable food system for the world to enjoy. 

By 2035, Impossible Foods wants to end the need for animals as food. To achieve this, Impossible Foods must double their yearly impact every year over the next 15 years. With their outstanding plant-based alternatives and steady investments, Impossible Foods can meet their goal while inspiring other companies to work towards a sustainable future.  


Health enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best supplements that will keep them at the top of their from. Simris is leading the algae-based supplement scene and growing in success thanks to its powerful product, sustainable algae growing process, beautiful packaging, and dedicated investors.  

Simris produces a range of vegan, organic, and toxin-free algae supplements. They grow their algae on one of the world’s largest algae farms and have won awards for innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Simris also sells supplements for athletes to get the most out of their workouts as well as supplements for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

The team at Simris believes that algae should become an essential part of our diet as its rich in nutrients such as omega 3. Omega 3 works to improve all aspects of our health, such as improved cognitive function and sleep quality. Omega 3 also combats inflammation while working to maintain joint and cardiovascular health. Beauty lovers will love that omega 3 promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

Many people think that fish are the best source for omega 3, but fish get this nutrient from eating algae. Instead of eating fish and taking fish oil, you can consume all of the algae’s benefits in its purest form with Simris’ supplements. With their vegan supplements, you can save the lives of fish while avoiding heavy metals and environmental toxins. By investing in Simris, they can expand their offerings and enable more people to enjoy the countless benefits of algae.  


Besides vegan food producers, there are other types of businesses to invest in that support animal liberation. SenzaGen is a company with expertise in immunology, technology, and genomics. Their goal is to eliminate the need for animal testing in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and dye industries. 

With their scientific expertise and advanced machine learning techniques, SenzaGen’s allergy tests are the most reliable on the market. SenzaGen’s remarkable tests make animal testing unnecessary while also being cost-efficient.  

SenzaGen’s goal is to expand their presence across the world, form partnerships with distribution partners, and launch more specialized tests. With your investments, you can help SenzaGen grow and save millions of animals from a lifetime of painful testing.  



While Oatly is not currently publicly traded, it is on our stock wish list. As the original creators of oat milk, Oatly is beloved for its milk alternative that is free from dairy, nuts, gluten, and GMOs. Oatly’s mission is to provide products with the highest nutritional value and the lowest environmental impact.

Thanks to research from Sweden’s Lund University, Oatly was able to turn whole oats into a beverage that retained the oat’s nutritional value. Oats are rich in soluble fiber and great for heart health. Oatly’s beverages are fortified with vitamins and minerals while tasting naturally delicious, making them a healthy option for vegans and omnivores.  

From their classic oat milk, chocolate, low fat, barista editions, and even oat ice creams, Oatly believes in creating delicious and healthy dairy alternatives that do not tax the planet. They are committed to complete transparency and publish yearly sustainability reports to illustrate their resolve towards creating a better future. Oatly’s future investors are sure to pave the way towards even more delicious oat-based creations that will fly off supermarket shelves. Keep an eye out for Oatly to be among the top vegan companies to invest in the near future.

No Evil Foods 

No Evil Foods is another addition to our vegan companies stock wish list. Besides having an unforgettable brand name and stellar packaging, No Evil Foods specializes in plant-based meat. All their meat alternatives are free from cholesterol, saturated fats, GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics. Their plant-based chicken, sausage, pulled pork, and turkey meats provide protein from beans, wheat berries, and yeast. 

No Evil Foods understood that the food system was failing us and the earth. Through relentless ingenuity and countless trial recipes, they sought to make a tasty, sustainable, and socially conscious meat replacement. No Evil Foods’ packaging is also sustainable. Their completely compostable carton packaging is sealed with plant-based ink and adhesives, earning No Evil Foods a NEXTY Award for Best New Packaging Innovation. 

Through their plant-based alternatives, No Evil Foods empowers people to make positive changes for their health and the environment. No Evil Foods uses its presence and profit to support plant-focused charities to further support the vegan movement. Once No Evil Foods enters the stock market, countless supports will invest in their products and provide them with additional financial resources to create new plant-based meats.  

Upton’s Naturals  

Another vegan brand we cannot wait to see on the stock market is Upton’s Naturals. This innovative company sells meat alternatives made with carefully chosen and recognizable ingredients. Upton’s Naturals’ owner and President Daniel Staackmann’s founded the company so people could use his food to discover how simple vegan cooking can be.  

Upton’s Naturals began in 2006 with their own seitan variety that had a meaty texture and robust flavor. Their creativity and innovation led them to create the first seasoned and ready to eat jackfruit in America. Upton’s Naturals realized that jackfruit’s texture was similar to shredded meat, but without any of the cruelty.  

Today, Upton’s Naturals offers a remarkable assortment of plant-based meats like Chili Lime Jackfruit, Chorizo Seitan, Thai Curry Noodle, and Tamarind Pepperoni that are high in protein and free from nasty ingredients. Upton’s Naturals makes it a priority to participate in fundraisers across America to help communities and spread vegan values. The day Upton’s Naturals opens to the market, investors will clamor for stock to get behind this innovative company.  


The final vegan company we hope to see climbing the stock market is Tofurky. At Tofurky, they believe in using their business as a force for good. By making tasty plant-based food that anyone can enjoy, Tofurky knows that they can show meat-eaters that there are delicious, sustainable, and compassionate meat alternatives.  

Tofurky’s founder Seth Tibbott was a profound innovator known for making tempeh from scratch for his friends and family in the 1980s. Tibbott built his brand with just $2,500 and lived in a treehouse for the next seven years to save money. When Tofurky debuted their first Holiday Roast in 1995, they were met with immediate success from people who were looking for a way to have a compassionate Thanksgiving.  

Through high-quality and GMO-free ingredients, Tofurky has plenty of plant-based meats such as chicken, deli slices, sausages, ground meat, tempeh, roasts, and burgers. Tofurky is committed to bettering others through donating their food to homeless shelters, food banks, and festivals. They also donate profits to animal sanctuaries, animal advocacy groups, and community scholarships.  

Tofurky is working towards expanding its international presence, creating new products, and becoming zero-waste. Through opening itself up to investments, Tofurky will be able to achieve greater success for our health, animals, and the environment through their outstanding food.  

Whether you are new to investments or have a portfolio, there are meaningful vegan companies for you to consider investing in. Not only are these successful vegan companies likely to net you a profit in the long run, but you will be glad to know that you gave these compassion-based companies the financial means to succeed. Your investments, no matter how small, are another valuable form of activism that paves the way for a better future for humans, animals, and the environment. What vegan companies are you excited to invest in?  

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