Top 5 Must-Try Vegan Cheese Alternatives

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August 23, 2023
Top 5 Must-Try Vegan Cheese Alternatives

What vegan hasn’t heard from their friends and family that they would love to go vegan but could just never give up cheese? Today we have the meltiest, stringiest, and most delicious vegan cheese alternatives that will make dairy lovers doublethink their pizza toppings. Forget the sad vegan cheese powders and cardboard stiff slices of yesteryear. We are going to show you the best vegan cheese alternatives that you and all the non-vegans in your life will be craving. From robust flavors to meltability, and whole ingredients, our list of best vegan cheese alternatives has something for every cheese lover. 

Follow Your Heart  


Known for their massive array of dairy alternatives like Vegenaise, yogurt, salad dressing, sour cream, and even an egg (in an egg carton!), Follow Your Heart sells tons of amazing vegan products.

Former dairy lovers have nothing but praise for Follow Your Heart’s cheese slices, blocks, and shreds that may even be better than their dairy counterparts. From classics flavors like cheddar, provolone, and pepper jack, to daring fiesta blend shreds, Follow Your Heart has nearly every flavor profile covered.  

Every vegan knows that cheese needs to be more than tasty; it needs to be meltable. Who hasn’t had their heart broken by stiff vegan cheese that doesn’t melt under the highest heats?

Follow Your Heart’s cheeses melt like a dream, but also taste great straight out of the fridge for a late-night snack. Whether you are looking for vegan cheese for pizza, calzone, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and sandwiches, Follow Your Heart’s non-GMO plant-based cheeses are your perfect match. 

Treeline Treenut Soft French-Style Nut Cheese  


With just a few simple ingredients, Treeline Tree nut has super creamy and spreadable cashew-based cheese in a variety of rich flavors. While you won’t be topping this soft nut-based cheese on your pizza, it will perfectly accommodate any cheese board, party spread, and morning bagel.  

Treeline Treenut’s arsenal of fantastic soft French-style nut cheese favors includes herb-garlic (my all-time favorite), scallion, sea salt and pepper, and chipotle serrano pepper. Each flavor tastes wonderfully complex without ever feeling overpowering and spreads easily.  

These nut cheeses don’t just taste good; they are entirely free from gluten, soy, thickeners, gums, preservatives, GMOs, and oils. For an added bonus, Treeline Treenut cheeses are raw, probiotic, and only 100 calories or less per serving. So proudly spread some Treeline Treenut’s cheese on all your carbs and veggies of choice.  

Field Roast Chao Cheese 


Did you know that one of the front runners of alternative meats also sells creamy and satisfying cheeses? Field roast is more than spicy sausages, holiday roasts, and mock chicken nuggets for a plant-based twist on a childhood favorite; they offer plenty of creamy and satisfying plant-based cheeses. Vegans have loved their Chao cheese slices since they debuted as well as Field Roast’s pre-made mac and cheese for the ultimate comfort food.  

Chao cheese is made with fermented tofu called chao, which creates a buttery texture and unmistakable umami flavor. Their cheese is incredibly easy to bite into, peel, shred, and melt onto any dish. Enjoy flavors like original, tomato cayenne, and garden herb plus the creamy Mac ‘N Chao or Chili Mac ‘N Chao for lazy day meals. These GMO-free slices live up to all the hype (just like their savory meat alternatives) and will have naysayers of vegan cheese impressed the moment they take a bite.   

Good Planet Foods Cheese


Hands down, Good Planet Foods cheese is my latest vegan obsession and even came recommended by a non-vegan (it’s seriously that good). Good Planet Foods sells several mouth-watering cheese alternatives like mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar shreds as well as smoked provolone, cheddar, American, garlic and herb, and hot pepper slices that are begging to be melted into gooey cheesy goodness.  

To make their delectable cheeses accessible for people with various dietary restrictions, Good Planet Foods products are free from major allergens like soy and tree nuts, while being halal and kosher. Even better, their cheeses don’t have any GMOs or palm oil for truly guiltless snacking. You can try out Good Planet Foods cheddar cheese on White Castle’s veggie sliders to see for yourself just how stellar these slices are.   

Miyoko’s Creamery Cheese 


Founded by vegan cookbook author Miyoko Schinner, Miyoko’s Creamery sells artisanal cheeses and dairy alternatives that will win over any food critic. By combining traditional cheese-making methods, like fermentation and aging, with plant-based ingredients and modern tech, Miyoko’s Creamery cheeses are buttery, savory, and deliciously robust while looking beautiful.  

Choose from countless award-winning vegan cheese alternatives like mozzarella, double cream chive, garlic herb, and sundried tomato for the fanciest and most compassionate cheese wheels to grace your kitchen and impress your non-vegan friends. Each flavor is inspired by fine European cheeses, such as black ash with a sweet buttery taste beneath its dark exterior and herb encrusted herbs de Provence which melts in your mouth.  

Miyoko’s Creamery cheeses are completely free from GMOs, gluten, cholesterol, and soy, making them perfect for picky eaters. With their whole, organic ingredients, classic cheese-making techniques, and modern innovation, Miyoko’s Creamery lets you turn any meal into a fine dining experience.  

There has never been a better time for vegan cheese lovers. All our favorite vegan cheese alternatives are amazing options if you have been searching for the perfect cheese and felt betrayed by cardboards tasting flops packed with nasty ingredients.  

Vegans can proudly devour countless delicious cheeses from compassionate brands and help friends make dairy swaps without ever compromising on flavor. Now it is all too easy to enjoy the ultimate veggie cheeseburger, loaded pizza, stacked sandwiches, and so much more without any guilt.  

Did your favorite vegan cheese alternatives not make our list?

If we missed out on your must-have vegan cheese alternatives, let us know! We are always looking for our next favorite vegan swap. Keep checking us out as we cover the best vegan products and show everyone how accessible, affordable, easy, and delicious the vegan lifestyle can be with our insider tips! 

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